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‘Bachelor’ star Sharleen Joynt rejected at opera auditions thanks to show?

Sharleen Joynt
Sharleen Joynt

Bachelor” star Sharleen Joynt decided that her time on the show wasn’t well spent as she left the show before Juan Pablo could learn more about her. At the time of her decision, Juan Pablo had said that she was the front runner, but she was questioning her feelings for him. Many people are often thanking the show for helping their careers, but it sounds like it doesn’t do much for opera singers. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 21, “Bachelor” star Sharleen Joynt is now revealing that the show hasn’t helped her career as an opera singer.

Sharleen had been living in Germany before filming the show, and she has now relocated to the United States. She is currently employed as the understudy for the role of Fiakermilli in the NYC production of Richard Strauss's opera, “Arabella.” At this point, she does not have a manager in the U.S. However, it wasn’t easy for her to land a role. "I wouldn’t say this has helped my career," Sharleen admits. Sharleen says she was "recently refused an audition in the States," which is the first time in three years she's been refused one. "I can’t see it not being show-related," she adds.

Of course, she should have stayed in Germany and worked if she didn't want to be recognized for her role on the show. Since she was a front runner on a wildly successful US-based show, of course she will get noticed for her role on the show. Are you surprised that she got rejected for a show?