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‘Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe hints of excitement over sex with wife

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici
Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici
Sean Lowe's Twitter

“Bachelor” star Sean Lowe has a strong religious lifestyle and he told Catherine Giudici that he wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. The two made the agreement that they would wait until their wedding to have sex and now they are getting married this weekend. So, of course, people are curious about their sex life. According to a new US Magazine report published on Jan. 23, “Bachelor” star Sean Lowe is revealing that he is super excited about having sex with his future wife.

"Well, of course [we're excited]," Lowe revealed about his upcoming marriage. The two got engaged two seasons ago and have been waiting to have sex until they say “I do.” "We made a really good decision for us, and we're excited to consummate as husband and wife," Giudici added. "It's something that is a benefit of being married." Of course, one can imagine that they will enjoy this entire weekend.

"Definitely me. I'm the softie," Sean revealed. "Anytime I start talking about her, I can't help but tear up." It sounds like he can’t wait to be close to his wife. But first they have to get married and he is excited about the nuptials. "I'm gonna be focusing on her and watching her walk down the aisle in her dress. And we're kinda used to the cameras after all this anyway," he said. "Honestly, I'm just gonna be zeroed in on Catherine."

What do you think of them speaking out about their sex life?