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‘Bachelor’ star Nikki Ferrell speaks out: ‘There is a lot of good to focus on’

Nikki Ferrell
Nikki Ferrell

Bachelor” star Nikki Ferrell has been focusing on her relationship after the finale of the show this week. She revealed that she wanted to move forward with Juan Pablo, even though he hadn't told her his feelings. And while many of the "Bachelor" stars are questioning their relationship, Nikki is getting support from Jason and Molly Mesnick and Nikki is trying to focus on the good things. According to a new tweet released on March 12, “Bachelor” star Nikki Ferrell is now revealing that plenty of good things came from being on the show, including her friendship with Andi Dorfman.

“Andi, I could not have made it through this experience without you. Thank you for being a best friend, someone I can always trust, laugh with, and cry with. I can't wait to hear all about your adventure! Much love. #thebachelorette #truefriendship #love,” Nikki revealed after the finale this week. Nikki has been keeping a low profile since the show ended, because she is getting a backlash for sticking with Juan Pablo.

“Being in the public eye does NOT give you the right to say what you want to me. Your words hurt no matter what. Be ashamed of yourselves,” Nikki revealed after the finale. These were the only words she said on Twitter after the show. She has been rather silent since then. However, she is getting support from fellow friends Jason and Molly Mesnick. “Keep your head up lady. Jason & I went through ALL of this too. It will pass...just stay strong & focus on the good,” Molly wrote to her, to which Nikki replied, “There is a lot of good to focus on. Thank you so so much for your support.”

It sounds like she wants to make it work, even if it means leaving the spotlight, not tweeting so much and just focusing on her daily life back in Missouri. What do you think?