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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo: What he told Clare when the cameras weren’t there

Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo had two ladies left for the finale and it sounds like fans were eager to see who he would pick. It is no secret that one lady would be picked and one would be sent home, but the final goodbye is often done so with respect and grace. However, last night, Juan Pablo decided to say something rude to Clare that had her questioning the entire relationship before the final rose. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 11, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo shocked Clare Crawley to the point where she was questioning whether she really did knew him at all throughout the show.

“I’m just shocked. I don’t have words for how I feel right now,” she revealed. She didn’t say it at the time, but Juan Pablo had told her that he really loved sleeping with her, not loved her as a person. And that’s all she wanted to hear. “He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear — some sexual thing I don’t even want to repeat,” Clare said. “It was insulting, it was offensive and made me feel awful. Every single woman deserves to be treated with respect — I’m not just an object.”

And this entire statement made her question whether she really knew him as a person. “Maybe he’s not the man that I thought he was. I’m so confused right now and I don’t know what to do next,” he revealed. However, Clare wasn’t the only one who was affected by Juan Pablo’s choice of words. While Nikki was hoping for an “I love you” and a ring, she got an “I really like you a lot” and no ring.

The two claimed that they were happy, even though he hadn't told her his real feelings. Many people questioned whether she was truly happy, but only time will tell whether this relationship will last. What do you think?

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