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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo uses Twitter to convince Katy Perry to meet

Juan Pablo
Photo by Ethan Miller

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo has been staying out of the spotlight since he wrapped up his season of the show. He has been dating Nikki Ferrell since they filmed “After the Final Rose,” but the two have been rather silent about what is going on. But it sounds like Juan Pablo is thinking about other things, including his niece. According to a new tweet released on July 2, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now using Twitter and his fame to get Katy Perry’s attention.

Juan Pablo does have a daughter, so he knows how much a little girl can dream. And it sounds like his niece is obsessed with Katy Perry. One can imagine that Juan Pablo has been able to pull some strings in the sports industry with his connections, and now he wants to see if he can do this with the famous singer. However, many of his followers feel that the fame from the show has gone to his head.

“Hey Katy Perry, my NIECE is dying to MEET you tomorrow at the CONCERT... #CanWeMakeThatHappen,” Juan Pablo tweeted yesterday. It sounds like he wants to do everything for his niece. However, some people thought that this particular tweet was in bad taste, especially because he was on “The Bachelor.” “He thinks cause he was at the Bachelorette he can get stuffs FREE," one follower pointed out.

And it sounds like Katy Perry had plenty of other things to do than reply to his request. “My favorite part of the night was when I was singing By the Grace of God & a little white feather (presumably from a costume) floated by & it reminded me about the angels & how, maybe, they are still looking after me, helping me continue to put one foot in front of the other,” Katy tweeted in the past 24 hours. It sounds like she was having some emotional moments this week.

The interesting thing is that he is not appealing to Katy Perry in regards to his own daughter, but rather his niece. It seems like he would just be the middleman and working his connections to make it happen. And this has people frowning. What do you think of his request? Do you think that she will respond to his tweet about meeting her?

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