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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo to protect his daughter from the show?

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo
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Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is the second “Bachelor” star who is ready to put his child on the show. His daughter Camila was a big part of the premiere episode, because she is such a big part of his life. The woman that Juan picks must be willing to be a step-mother to Camila. However, just because the women have to be interested in Camila doesn’t mean Camila should be keeping up with the ladies. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 10, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo isn’t about to let his daughter watch the show.

Emily Maynard surely didn’t want her daughter to watch the show when she was trying to find a future husband and since she and Jef Holm broke up shortly after announcing their engagement, one has to think that she is happy about it.

And Juan has admitted that he may have kissed quite a few ladies on the show, so one can imagine he doesn’t want Camila watching the show. "She saw the first episode and that's it," Juan revealed, adding, "I doubt it,” when asked if she would be watching anymore. Of course, Camila was a big part of the premiere and one can imagine that Juan told Camila that the ladies were all “his new friends.”

Do you think it is admirable that they watched the first episode together?