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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo speaks out about ‘Women Tell All’ special

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo has been looking for a partner on the show, and it appears that he is down to his final two. Many of the women didn't have a good experience on the show, but he was shocked at what some of the women were saying during the "Women Tell All." And he is now revealing what he thought of Andi's comments about the overnight date. According to a new PEOPLE report published on March 4, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now speaking out about the “Women Tell All” special.

“I wish I could ask them if they could see how nervous they were every time they tried to talk to me. I let the majority of the women go because I knew that the process was too hard for them and that they weren't able to open up to me. I understand it's a very hard situation, but I always tried to find ways to make the women feel as comfortable as possible. The women I had a better connection and attraction with are the ones that I felt fit more into what I was looking for,” Juan Pablo points out about the show.

Of course, the women are fighting for time with him, but he has a hard time making time for them all, while trying to get to know them. But there was one topic that was interesting to him. He didn’t see the same thing as Andi Dorfman did at their overnight date. “I have a completely different opinion about what happened on our overnight date. I respect her decision, but in my opinion she should have told me in private, when we had no cameras, but I guess some people would rather do things in public,” he reveals.

It sounds like he didn't actually see the overnight as being one-sided. What did you think?