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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo’s viewers would leave if they didn’t feel a spark

Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo may be the most desired contestant in quite some time, and the women seem eager to spend some time with him on a one-on-one basis. But for some people, they wouldn’t spend time with Juan if they didn’t feel the spark. And this is surprising, because some women on the show would stay to “win” the show even if they don’t feel the spark. Apparently, according to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 16, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo may not be for everyone.

On Monday’s show, one contestant revealed that she was planning on sticking around this week after questioning her connection with Juan last week. She seemed to have changed her mind, as she doesn’t seem like a person who wants to “win” the show. So, how do viewers feel about this connection?

Wetpaint asked a question about viewers sticking around if they didn’t feel the connection with him. 67 percent of responders were unwilling to hang out with him, if they didn’t feel the spark. But 33 percent would take a moment and think it all over. Of course, the situation is unusual and they are meeting a single man with 25 other women.

What would you do?

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