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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo’s season being compared to Kardashians

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo may be down to two women who he sees a future with, but people are doubting that he has been going through a genuine process. In fact, he may not be asking the same questions, as Andi Dorfman brought up. Perhaps, this has made Juan Pablo question that this process may have been handled completely wrong. Rather than making out with the ladies, he should have been asking questions. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 3, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now being compared to the Kardashians by former “Bachelor” star Jake Pavelka.

Of course, Jake himself knows a thing or two about drama. “It’s like the Kardashians meet Duck Dynasty,” Jake has revealed about Juan Pablo’s season of the show. And one can imagine that Jake is referring to Juan Pablo’s decision to stir up some drama. He claims that the season has been both “interesting” and “dynamic.” But just because his season is a big mess, Pavelka believes that it all works because people love to be judgmental. “In reality, people love to hate,” he says. “The gushy seasons where there’s no drama, it’s a really well liked Bachelor, but nothing goes on. [In those situations] he’s so boring and the ratings are low and he gets forgotten.”

And he does agree with some of the other former stars, such as Jillian Harris and Jef Holm. They have both said that he will go down in history as one of the most memorable “Bachelor” stars, which isn’t doubtful at all.

What do you think of his season?