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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo’s hometown dates to be disasterous

Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo only has a handful of women left as he heads into hometown dates and he appears to be very happy. However, like with Sean Lowe, the hometown dates could switch everything around. He was doing great with Desiree Hartsock until he met her brother, and things completely changed. And it appears that this season’s hometown dates could change Juan’s feelings for the ladies. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Feb. 18, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo’s hometown dates will end up changing things for him.

Chris Harrison has been along with Juan for the journey of finding a wife, and he hints that things about to change. “Next week are the pivotal hometown dates, and these hometowns are unlike any we’ve had before,” Chris writes. “If you’re expecting easy, happy-go-lucky hometowns where everybody smiles and gives the bachelor their blessing, you’re in for a big surprise.”

One of the ladies’ family doesn’t exactly approve of Juan’s relationship with their daughter. In fact, Clare could lose everything she has with him. “[S]ome of these parents are not as excited as the girls are,” Chris reveals. “Clare's family, people will see, are a little skeptical and aren't as apt to just give their blessing. They want to see more and don't have that much time with him.”

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