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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo on why he gave Sharleen the first impression rose

Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo was overwhelmed by meeting 27 women who had shown interest in him. He tried to give everyone some time to get to know him, but it sounds like some people did not get as much time with him as they desired. But there was one girl who was questioning her feelings after meeting him. And surprisingly, Juan loved spending time with her. According to a new PEOPLE report published on Jan. 7, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now revealing that he gave Sharleen his first impression rose.

“After being on Desiree’s season, I was expecting some crazy stunts that night but everyone was really great. Some people may think that Clare was crazy to come out with a pregnant belly, but I LOVED it. When I saw her step out, I was like, "OMG" but after a second and seeing that kind of weird shape on her belly, I was like, "Ohhh, good one ...”” Juan reveals in his first blog as the “Bachelor.”

But Juan already knew that he liked the Canadian girl, who was currently living in Germany. She revealed on the show that she didn’t feel the instant connection, but she decided to accept the rose anyways. “I decided to give Sharleen that first impression rose. I had no idea that Sharleen had some doubts about the rose and the whole experience, but I absolutely do not regret giving her that rose because I really want to spend more time with her – plus I can't wait to hear her sing,” he reveals.

It sounds like these two need some more time to get to know one another, especially since she may have felt a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. What do you think of her questioning the rose?

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