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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo nowhere near ready to plan wedding

Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo may have chosen Nikki Ferrell during the season finale, but he wasn’t ready to share any major feelings and he wasn’t ready to propose. In fact, it sounds like he doesn’t even want to think about planning a future with Nikki. He just “likes her a lot.” But he is revealing that he is happy that he didn’t pick Clare. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 12, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo isn’t ready to get married, even though he chose Nikki Ferrell during the season finale.

“It was very tough for me to say goodbye to Clare, but she made it easier with her [hostile] reaction. She was expecting me to propose, I get it, but you don’t have to come at me like that. It was childish. Like with Andi, we don’t have to talk about what happened or didn’t happen. Just go,” he revealed. However, Clare felt hurt and wanted an answer as to why he had made her think that she was the one.

In addition, Juan Pablo seems to have excuses as to why he is slacking when it comes to settling down with Nikki. “You go on the show thinking if there’s the connection, you propose and get married. But I don’t feel the need to propose to somebody if I don’t feel it 100 percent. I didn’t know Nikki [well enough]. I don’t know if she holds silverware well! I want to know more. A lot more," Juan Pablo has revealed. It sounds like these two will have to get to know one another before he will let her know how he is feeling.

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