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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo not made for television drama?

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo decided to film the show, because he was offered the opportunity and women responded well to him on Desiree Hartsock’s season. Many women wrote into the show in hopes of being able to meet him. And while the women were eager to meet him, he wasn’t eager to live through the drama. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 10, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now revealing that he almost quit the show because of the hurtful events that happened while filming.

Actually, Juan almost walked off the show several times. "A couple of times,” he said while visiting “Access Hollywood.” “Yeah, a couple of times. It's hard. I don't like hurting people, and it gets tough as you start getting to know people better." Even though he almost quit several times, he knew that he had to finish the show to find a person for him.

“You can meet somebody at a club. You can meet somebody at a restaurant. But maybe that person is not on the same page," he said. "Maybe that person is like, 'I'm starting out, I don't want to get married now.' Or, 'I don't want to have kids.'" He knew that all of these ladies that went on the show all wanted what he wanted for himself and Camila.

He hasn’t shared whether he is engaged, but he has revealed that he is thrilled and happy with the final result. Do you think he has found a potential wife?