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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo made little money for filming the season

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo hasn't been too happy with the way he has been portrayed in the press. And perhaps, all of the negative attention hasn't been worth it for him. He has revealed that he hasn't been eager to stay in the spotlight and he has been spending time in private with Nikki. And it sounds like he can't even celebrate a big pay check compared to other people from the show. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 19, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo probably only made half the amount that Emily Maynard made filming the show.

“Any dude that doesn’t pay child support for his kids, shouldn’t be on reality TV,” Jesse Csincsak has revealed, talking about past claims that he hasn’t been paying child support for little Camila. And “anybody who doesn’t pay child support for their kids shouldn’t be on “The Bachelor” trying to make a quick buck,” Csincsak concludes. Of course, there is no evidence that he hasn’t paid his child support.

“I’ve said that from the beginning. As soon as I found out he wasn’t paying his child support… dude needed money!” Jesse reveals. So, how much did he make while being on the show? Well, it was nowhere near Emily Maynard’s $250,000 paycheck. In fact, he probably made closer of half that. “I think he probably made $100,000,” Csincsak claims. “That would be my guess if I had to throw out a number.”

It sounds like Juan Pablo may not have thought that the money was worth filming the show. He has often said that he doesn’t want to do it again after he was slammed for badly in the press. One has to wonder what he will do with the money.

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