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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo has strong message for future wife

Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo may be the most desirable man on reality television these days, but it sounds like he isn’t as easily persuaded. He wants the best for himself and his daughter, Camila. Even though she won’t be a big part of the show as Juan gets to know his ladies, Camila will be a big part of the future. According to a new Hollywood Life report published on Jan. 8, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now revealing that he does have a strict list of things that his future wife must adhere to.

“The woman I choose has to love her,” he has revealed. “She can’t love me if she doesn’t love my daughter.” Some of the women who tried out for the show revealed that they could not be a step-mother for Camila. And one has to wonder if some of the women are too immature for Juan, since he is looking for a role model for his daughter.

“You can meet a great girl but maybe she doesn’t understand that you have a daughter or she doesn’t want to get married, or inside, there’s something that tells her she’s not going to give me my first son” Juan has reveald. “It’s not easy to find that person.” Even on the show, he revealed that he would rather walk away from the experience than be on the show and find a woman who didn’t fulfill his criteria.

Also, he wants his future wife to be able to eat - and probably work out as well. “If you’re dating me and you don’t like to eat, you’re kind of screwed!” He hasn’t revealed whether he is an engaged man, but he is “very happy. You’ll see!”

Do you know who he has picked?

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