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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo gives rose to woman who is uncertain?

Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo has been trying to find his future wife on the show and he has been sending people home he doesn’t feel a connection with. It sounds like he is eager to find out who it will be in the end, and he even told Chris Harrison that he was eager to get down on one knee to propose at the end. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Feb. 11, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now revealing that he gave a rose to Sharleen Joynt because she felt uncertain about staying on the show.

He gave Sharleen Joynt a rose because he was uncertain about her feelings. “I had a great time with all of the girls at Hobbiton, even though you didn't get to see all of my conversations,” Juan Pablo has revealed in his blog for the show. “I knew Sharleen had doubts about being here and how I felt about her, so I decided to give her a little reassurance by giving her the rose.”

Usually the contestants give roses to the people they favorite, but it sounds like Juan has a different approach. “I give the roses depending on whom I think needs the confidence more,” he adds. “I want that person to feel comfortable coming into the rose ceremony and for next week's trip.”

What do you think of Juan's decision?

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