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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo can’t tell truth due to contract?

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo has been keeping a big secret; he knows what happens in the finale and he knows who he will pick in the end. However, it sounds like fans are eager to know what will happen, but he isn't saying much. In fact, he could be keeping everything to himself, because a contract is preventing him from speaking out about the show's finale. According to a new tweet released on March 9, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now revealing that he can’t reveal much about his journey because he is under contract with ABC.

Of course his journey comes to an end this week. And he has been working on his blog for PEOPLE magazine. And when he asked how long he should write it, people had plenty of suggestions. “Just tell the truth! The whole truth! #Bachelor” one person wrote. And that’s when he dropped a bombshell, saying, “I have a CONTRACT, I CAN'T.”

It isn’t surprising that he is under contract and can’t reveal who he picks in the end. However, it is surprising that he can’t reveal everything that happened on the show after the big reveal tonight on the finale, and the discussions on “After the Final Rose.” Juan Pablo’s blog doesn’t get released until after the final episode has aired. “How do you keep it a secret for so long. Isnt it tempting, JUST TELL US!!!!!!!!” one person wrote, eager to know who he picks. “I LOVE surprises,” he revealed.

Who do you think he picks in the end?