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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo and Chris Harrison not talking after the show?

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo was rude during the “After the Final Rose” special and many are questioning why he was being so rude to someone who helped him find his new girlfriend. Chris Harrison just wanted to know how he was feeling after finishing the show, but it sounds like he wasn’t too eager to share his feelings on television. In addition, Juan Pablo supposedly lied about having a surprised, which angered producers. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 15, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now being labeled as a rude contestant and he has supposedly been burning bridges with Chris Harrison, the show’s host.

“There was major tension on the set of the After The Final Rose special,” an insider has revealed. Of course, anyone who watched the show knew that it was awkward to see how Juan Pablo was acting. “Juan Pablo did not get along with anyone,” the insider added, including host Chris Harrison. “Chris wouldn’t even talk to Juan Pablo between shots,” the insider said. “He was annoyed and felt Juan Pablo was rude.”

When contestants sign on, they are required to fulfill a certain amount of duties, including not talking about the journey to potential reveal spoilers. “Producers are furious that Juan Pablo is seemingly turning his back on the show,” the insider said. “Just the way he talks about the show, the way he antagonizes people on social media, he’s not creating a likable atmosphere.”

And while the two are showing off their happiness on Instagram and Twitter, sources say that Juan Pablo is running the show and Nikki is just along for the ride. What do you think of their relationship? Do you think Juan Pablo has burned bridges with the producers and the show?