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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo admits to snoring problem

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo may have found his future wife on the show, as he is getting closer to eliminating all of the women and proposing to the final one. However, it sounds like people are still getting to know him. He has shared that he has a daughter, Camila, and has revealed that he is doing sports consulting for a living. But the minor details of his personal life are not known. According to a new Us Magazine report published on Jan. 27, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now sharing things that the women may not even know about him.

And while the ladies may get to know him a little while filming the show, there are some things about him that they will learn after the show. He gave Us Weekly several pieces of information that people don’t know about him, including, “I snore when I lie on my back. Don't let me sleep that way!”

He also revealed, “I learned how to drive at age 10,” “I get tense during scary movies,” “I was once put in "jail" at Old Trafford stadium, home of the U.K.'s Manchester United soccer team, for buying scalped tickets,” and “I can't go to bed without taking a shower.” He also has some serious professional contacts and if his future wife wants to spoil him with ice cream, go for the coffee flavoured one and stay away from papaya.

What do you think of his admissions?