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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo addresses women’s concern over the children

Juan Pablo and Camila
Juan Pablo and Camila
Juan Pablo's Twitter

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo sat down with Chris Harrison last night to address some concerns when it came to the women he sent home during the season. It sounds like he didn't impress the ladies throughout the season, because he wasn't asking the right questions. And they were not thrilled with him meeting Renee's son, Ben. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 3, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is now defending his decision to introducing Camila to Nikki Ferrell on an episode of the show and him going back to meet Renee Oteri’s son, Ben.

The women shared their thoughts during the “Women Tell All” special and they thought it was rude of Juan Pablo to go back to Renee Oteri’s hometown because he knew that there was a son involved. He got to meet Ben, but then sent Renee home after meeting him. Many of the women thought that he should have sent her home before meeting her son, if he had any doubts. But Pablo didn’t see it the same way.

He has previous revealed that :it’s pretty normal in his culture for families to meet each other’s dates early on. In Venezuela, it’s common for young adults to still live with or near their parents until they get married, so most guys will be very familiar with a girl’s family from the beginning. Meeting the parents isn’t a huge, nerve-racking thing like it is in the U.S.”

Do you think Juan made a mistake? Or should the children meet their parents’ friends, even if it never goes anywhere?