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‘Bachelor’ star defends ‘Biggest Loser’ winner in massive weight loss

Rachel Frederickson

Bachelor’ stars may be eager to find love, but they understand Rachel Frederickson’s desire to win the competition by working out and losing weight. “The Biggest Loser” star Rachel won the finale by showing off a massve 155 pound weight loss, which was about 59.6 percent of her entire body weight. She weighed in at 105 pounds at the finale. And while she has been getting criticized for her weight loss, some people are giving her support. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Feb. 8, “Bachelor’ stars are now defending the “Biggest Loser” winner for losing so much weight for the finale.

“Bachelor” star Natalie Getz watched the show and was quick to come to Rachel’s defense. "#biggestloser winner looks great! What's wrong w/ people?! She is thin, toned, athletic looking. Her prior look was a lot more unhealthy,” Getz revealed, adding, “People r so quick to ridicule someone 5 lbs under weight, but nvr anyone creating a public uproar over one who is 150 over weight. [...] Instead, they say that overweight person is ‘embracing their curves.’ Being that over weight is unhealthy. Far more than 5 lbs under weight.”

Of course, all of the trainers have issued statements regarding Rachel’s massive weight loss. The show’s producers stand behind her massive change and has revealed that she is indeed healthy.

What do you think of her new look?

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