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‘Bachelor’ star Courtney Robertson predicts future for Nikki and Juan Pablo

Courtney Robertson
Courtney Robertson

Bachelor” star Courtney Robertson has gone through the process and it appears that she may be watching the shows each season to see how things go for the new people. After a love story last season with Desiree and Chris, many people were hoping that this new season would be the best yet. However, Juan Pablo has turned into one of the most hated contestants on the show. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 11, “Bachelor” star Courtney Robertson is now revealing that Nikki and Juan Pablo may have a hard time ahead of them.

Courtney had been watching the show, even though she had been in the same situation. “I do feel for Nikki, it was a let down for Bachelor Nation,” she says, referring to the “I love you”-less finale. Even though Courtney didn’t have the best experience on the show, she revealed that she does believe in the process. “The process works if you're committed to finding love. Ben and I were in love when we climbed the Matterhorn [in the Switzerland set Season 16 finale]. I'm proud that we tried so hard for a year. It really is a journey of a lifetime,” she adds.

But she does know that Nikki and Juan Pablo will have a hard time with the long distance, especially if they don’t know where they are emotionally. “If they want to make it work, someone’s going to have to make a move. Long distance relationships, under these circumstances, it gets really hard. They at least need to start out by spending long periods of time together to find out what it would be like to live together, or be married. And they should never go longer than two weeks without seeing one another. Long distance relationships are brutal,” she revealed.

She and Ben had a long distance relationship for quite some time, so it isn’t surprising that she may be questioning their relationship for the long run. What do you think of her opinions?