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‘Bachelor’ star Ben Flajnik using Kris Jenner to get back on reality TV

Ben Flajnik
Ben Flajnik's Twitter

Bachelor” star Ben Flajnik may not have gotten the best reputation after his season of the show aired, as he was rumored to be cheating on Courtney Robertson during the four months that they were supposedly hiding out as a couple. But now, he is making some new friendships and one of those could get him a new show, if everything goes to plan. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 24, “Bachelor” star Ben Flajnik is supposedly using Kris Jenner to get a reality show.

Apparently, “The Bachelor” and a short stint on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is not enough for this wine guy. He wants more exposure on television and he will supposedly use his friends in the industry to get it. Apparently, this is why he has been hanging out with Kris Jenner so much, sharing pictures of sushi dates and lots of selfies.

“He’s using her,” an inside source has revealed about his plan. “He wants a new reality show.” If that’s so, Kris’s sister Karen Houghton seems to think Kris is aware of Ben’s motivations, as she believes it is all staged. “She said it was more of a business deal,” Karen says of Jenner’s friendship with Ben. However, Karen and Kris are no longer in contact. Kris once said, “Unfortunately, my sister has been dealing with demons for years. I am not in touch with her, but I wish her the very best.”

But Kris is a big business person, so one has to wonder if she does have a plan to help Ben get back on the small screen. What kind of show do you think he would want?

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