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‘Bachelor’ star Andi Dorfman’s suitors to discuss Eric Hill at ‘Men Tell All?’

Andi Dorfman
Andi Dorfman
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Bachelor” star Andi Dorfman was filming the show earlier this year after walking out of Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor.” Now it is her turn to face the men she turned away this season. The “Men Tell All” special will film this upcoming Sunday. Even though Andi’s season has been rather drama-free, there are some topics that need to be discussed. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on July 9, “Bachelor” star Andi Dorfman may be discussing Eric Hill on the “Men Tell All” special, which airs prior to the finale.

Andi’s season of the show has been rather tame compared to previous seasons of the show. The one thing that tends to dominate when it comes to heartbreaking moments is Eric Hill’s sudden death. As shown this week, Andi and the final four men broke down after learning about his sudden passing in a horrible paragliding accident in Utah. Chris Harrison, the host of the show, told them the news in his California home.

Andi was completely heartbroken, because the last conversation she had with Eric before he left the show was not pleasant. His exit has been discussed heavily, as he simply called out Andi for not always being herself. One can imagine that they will rehash his exit on the show. Another topic that could come up is Andrew Poole and his decision to brag about getting a waitress’ number while filming the show. He denies it, but many of the men claimed it happen.

One surprising twist that may be brought up is Marcus Grodd’s recent engagement. He was sent home after the hometown dates, but he has supposedly gotten engaged to someone else after leaving the show behind. Given that he just met Andi this spring, it is possible that Marcus is moving fast because he knows what he wants.

What do you think will be the main topics at the “Men Tell All” this weekend? Do you think the guys would want to discuss Eric Hill’s death?