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'Bachelor' spoilers: Juan Pablo sends nine girls home on season premiere

Who does Juan Pablo send home on the season premiere of "The Bachelor" on Jan. 6, 2014? By the end of the two-hour show, nine girls will be sent home at the first rose ceremony, leaving 18 girls with high hopes of getting the final rose.

Photos of 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis
JuanPaGalavis Instagram, ABC
Lauren Higginson gets sent home on night one of 'The Bachelor'

After all 27 girls come out of the limo, Juan Pablo heads into the mansion and breaks the ice with a little dance party.

The insecurities begin when the cocktail party gets underway. Cue the crying and comments like, "I'll never get a minute with him."

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Getting one-on-one time with Juan Pablo isn't easy, but that adds to the drama. Nine of the girls get on-camera time with the "Bachelor" and that creates the usual drama that will only get worse over the next few weeks.

Who gets the first impression rose? Before the eliminations, a first impression rose is given out. Of course that makes the other ladies jealous, but that's exactly what fans like to see. Without crying, drama and a few too many cocktails, this would not be entertainment.

Sharleen gets the first impression rose, but she doesn't squeal with delight like some of the other girls would. Perhaps she's actually there for the right reasons and speaks the truth when she tells Juan Pablo that she thinks their connection is a little "forced."

Reality Steve states on his blog that he is certain Sharleen is one of the girls who leaves on her own on an upcoming episode, so it's clear that she wasn't feeling the love.

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Who does Juan Pablo send home on the first night?

One of the women who is sent home on January 6 is Lauren Higginson. She's very emotional throughout the first episode, something that Juan Pablo obviously doesn't find all that endearing.

Reality Steve states that she was dumped by her fiance shortly before her wedding, so it looks like trust issues are front and center with Lauren.

Also going home without a rose are:

Christine Llano, Valerie Eredia, Maggie Gantt, Amy Jokinen, Lacy Faddoul, Alexis Morgado, Kylie Lewis, and Ashley Poe.

Episode two of "The Bachelor" airs on January 13. The girls stay in Los Angeles where some of them will enjoy a group date and two lucky ladies (Cat and Klare) will score the one-on-one dates with Juan Pablo. Three more girls will go home, one before the rose ceremony.

Do you have your top two girls picked for Juan Pablo yet or is it too soon to say?

‘Bachelor’ 2014: Who are Juan Pablo’s ladies?

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