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'Bachelor' spoilers: Juan Pablo hints at finale, jokes about 'the one'

Juan Pablo and his 27 ladies
Juan Pablo and his 27 ladies
ABC Medianet

"Bachelor" spoilers from Reality Steve will ruin the season for you every time -- but what happens when "The Bachelor" himself hints at the finale result? Sure, it's one thing to say that you are not going to read Reality Steve's blog... but then you have to shield yourself from all of the "fans" who post the outcome on public pages (like Ali Fedotwosky's Facebook page)... but can't we all just enjoy the show?! On Jan. 6, following the premiere of the show, Juan Pablo took to Twitter -- and may have confirmed what most people already know. SPOILER ALERT!

A fan tweeted to Juan Pablo and told him that she has an idea of who "the one" might be. Juan Pablo responded, "Is there ONE?" Interestingly enough, it has been reported that Juan Pablo does not end up engaged at the end of all of this.

That said, "Bachelor" spoilers 2014 have suggested that Juan Pablo does choose one woman in the end... but he doesn't propose because he doesn't feel it's right to be engaged to someone he just met weeks ago. As for who he chooses, it won't be posted here -- so no more spoiler alert. However, it's hard to imagine that Juan Pablo and whoever he chooses are going to last past the show if he doesn't feel strongly enough to propose... but you never know.

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