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Bachelor spoilers and Women Tell All recap: Juan Pablo has 'no regrets' (Photos)

Just what do the ladies really think of Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo? They didn't hold back during the 'Women Tell All' special on March 3. Get a full recap and new 'Bachelor' spoilers here now.
Just what do the ladies really think of Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo? They didn't hold back during the 'Women Tell All' special on March 3. Get a full recap and new 'Bachelor' spoilers here now.
ABC promotional image - Bachelor 2014

The Bachelor 2014 "Women Tell All" special aired on Mar. 3, and if you missed any of the 90-minute Week 9 event, you can get caught up here now. Also, we'll recap the latest Bachelor spoilers 2014 as revealed by the ABC preview that aired Monday night. (Want to know who Juan Pablo Galavis picked on the Bachelor finale without waiting? Find a link to the alleged answer below.)

As predicted by Bachelor spoilers we mentioned early Monday, the ladies who were sent home by Juan Pablo Galavis and those who left on their own had plenty to say of their time on the show. Unfortunately for JP, a lot of his critiques came back lacking, if not downright damning.

Bachelor 2014 Week 9: Juan Pablo Gets Called Out by Andi, Kelly, Lauren S. on 'Women Tell All'

"I felt like he wasn't genuine," Lauren S. said of the Season 18 Bachelor star. "He didn't really ask me anything about myself." Danielle expressed similar frustrations, saying, "The conversation never expanded."

Andi added, "I think he had that genuine want. I think he was trying to find a girlfriend and someone to date, and I think we all kind of came to find a husband."

Opera singer Sharleen Joynt, 29, was first in the hot seat with host Chris Harrison. Everyone watched a montage of her time with Juan Pablo that included the night she left the show. Sharleen teared up watching herself say goodbye. "He just wasn't the one. We weren't airtight. We didn't get each other completely." She said she didn't realize she was one of JP's top picks, if not the frontrunner throughout the whole season, until she watched the show when it aired.

Next up in the hot seat was single mom 32-year-old Renee Oteri. "It's hard to watch," Renee said of her own video package. When Chris Harrison asked if she has been dating since the show wrapped, Renee smiled coyly. "I'm in a situation now where I'm very happy. But that's all I'm going to say. I don't want to jinx it."

Bachelor 2014 Week 9: 'Women Tell All' Photo Gallery Here

Next up, brunette beauty Andi Dorfman, 26, talked to Chris Harrison about why she left Juan Pablo in St. Lucia following her Bachelor Season 18 Fantasy Suite date in St. Lucia.

"We talked and laughed and it was nice to be away from the cameras. We definitely had some fun times. And then everything was about his soccer, and his traveling, and who he knew, and it was all about him."

"Then he made a comment to me that he had his overnight date with Clare. I remember looking at him and thinking this will never work. You don't want to think about the fact that someone else just had an overnight date, and for him to bring that up...I was just so shocked and appalled by it."

"Also, I'm all for honesty but if you care about someone, you don't tell them that they barely made it here. It was hurtful. I started to feel like I was talking to a person staring blankly and saying 'it's okay.' I can't deal with you saying 'it's okay' anymore!"

When asked if she has anyone special in her life, Andi said no. "I am definitely still looking for someone." (Is Andi the next Bachelorette? Find out what Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers say here now.)

Finally, Bachelor Juan Pablo came out for the final half-hour of the "Women Tell All" special.
Chris Harrison asked the single father how he thought he handled the season and treated the women. Would he change anything or say anything differently? "No. I was honest from day one, Sometimes that happens to seem a little rude. And yeah, sometimes it is. It's going to hurt when you're honest with somebody. I have no regrets."

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Lauren S. called him on using his daughter Camila an excuse not to kiss people but then turn around and kiss others. Juan Pablo said he didn't come on the show to kiss everyone, but to see how he felt about each person and go from there.

Andi spoke for the group when she said she didn't feel JP took being The Bachelor 2014 very seriously. "We all came here looking for husband. The conversations didn't show that you were looking for a wife. You didn't take the time to get to know us, learn our favorite foods, where we want to school, etc."

Sharleen piped up, saying, "I feel like he did ask those questions [of me]. We got to know each other."

Free-spirit Lucy put in her two cents, saying, "I think everyone here just wanted to be treated as if we were in an individual relationship with you. Like equals."

Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on Bachelor Finale (Mar. 10)?

At one point, dog lover Kelly confronted JP on some controversial comments he made to the media about homosexuals ever appearing as the star of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. ("There's this thing about gay people, that it seems to me, I don't know if I'm mistaken or not, you know I have a lot of friends and that, they're more pervert in a sense," he said. "To me the show would be too strong, too hard to watch on TV." Whatever that means.)

"Coming from a parent who is gay, I was hurt by that," Kelly told him. (Kelly's Dad is gay.)

"That was taken out of context," JP began, but Kelly balked immediately, reminding him he used the word "pervert" specifically.

JP insisted, "I love gay people. I have no problem with them, and I respect them because they were born that way." With this, Sharleen came to his defense. "We talked about equality [during our time on the show], and I think he's very open-minded."

Later, a montage of bloopers included the car-boat stalling out on Juan Pablo during his date with Cassandra, numerous clips of silly dancing and Renee almost getting taken out by production equipment. Also, we saw about 150 examples of Juan Pablo telling all the ladies, "It's okay." (Andi got a kick out of that, of course.)

At the end of the "Women Tell All" special, viewers got a sneak peek at The Bachelor Season 18 finale which airs Mar. 10. Chris Harrison said before rolling the preview, "What happens on this finale is something we've never seen before, I can promise you that. You're not going to want to miss it."

In the preview, Nikki asks Juan Pablo's mother if he's "ready for this." Mom replies slowly, "I am pretty sure." Clare and JP's mom also get together, and talk turns to his chronic lack of sensitivity. "He can be very rude," Mom said. "It's made me cry," Clare told her. "Me too," said Mom. (Later, we see Nikki and Clare both crying. We can't help but wonder if JP says or does something completely offensive during the finale or if the girls are just overcome with nerves.)

As we near the finish line, Sharleen and Kelly said they are Team Nikki, while Lauren S. and several of the other girls said they were Team Clare. Who do you want to see end up with Juan Pablo on the Bachelor finale? Leave your comments below and get more Bachelor 2014 spoilers here now.

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