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'Bachelor' spoilers and Fantasy Suite recap: Andi dumps Juan Pablo in St. Lucia

Find out which Bachelor 2014 spoilers were on the money during Juan Pablo's Season 18 Fantasy Suite episode on Feb. 25, and which fell a little flat. Full recap here now.
Find out which Bachelor 2014 spoilers were on the money during Juan Pablo's Season 18 Fantasy Suite episode on Feb. 25, and which fell a little flat. Full recap here now.
Andi Dorfman - Twitter

The Bachelor 2014 headed to Saint Lucia for Tuesday's overnight dates episode (Feb. 25). The relaxed Caribbean atmosphere, the emerald green islands, the deep blue water made for a beautiful background for the ugliness that unfolded between Juan Pablo Galavis and Andi Dorfman after their alone time in the Fantasy Suite.

"Overnights are special because there are no cameras. I'm going to have a chance...for privacy. All the time we want, no cameras," Juan Pablo said at the beginning, practically drooling. Get all the details on The Bachelor 2014 (episode 9) Fantasy Suite overnight dates in Saint Lucia here below.

Bachelor Spoilers Got Some St. Lucia Details Wrong: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo Over Too Many 'Besitos'

Clare Crawley got her one-on-one time with Juan Pablo first. They enjoyed a yacht-for-a-day and plenty of holding hands and kissing. Given the drama over what did or didn't happen in the ocean in Vietnam, Clare said in her confessional, "I'm not sure if spending the night together is the best idea."

At dinner, Juan Pablo handed Clare the Fantasy Suite card. "It matters to me that it matters to you [what Camila sees on TV]," Clare began, launching a soft protest. With little effort, though, Juan Pablo talked her into participating in Overnight dates.

Before the cameras left, they caught Clare telling JP, "I'm loving falling in love with you." (Cue the besitos.) According to Juan Pablo later in the show, the two spent the night "cuddling and laying in bed, talking."

Next up, 26-year-old attorney Andi Dorfman got her turn in the St. Lucia spotlight. "I missed you," they told each other when they met, holding hands and kissing all day. "I feel like a real couple with him," Andi gushed in a confessional.

The "connecting with the local youth" that fed into that pick-up game of soccer was pretty cringe-worthy. But later, as they sat by a waterfall and then again that night at dinner, Juan Pablo and Andi discussed serious issues such as whether she'd make a good step-mom for Camila. Juan Pablo gave an honest answer, saying he didn't know. But he said he did see her fitting in his life, which solidified Andi's "yes" answer to their Fantasy Suite stay. When the cameras turned off, they were the picture of made-for-TV lovebirds settling into their lush tropical, five-star nest.

When the cameras turned back on in the morning, Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo was gushing about laughing and talking for hours and having a wonderful night. For Andi, however, things had taken a turn for the worse.

"I saw a side to him I didn't really like. The whole night was a disaster," she said with tears shining in her eyes. "I really hope that he does not think that was a good date."

"Not once did he really ask anything about me. I just started to realize he didn't really care who I was, what I thought, what I want in life. I just didn't see someone that cared for me. [Then there was] the name dropping, and then he said he had an overnight with Clare. I don't know why he thought that was okay to talk about. There's just no filter with him."

Andi continued, "I woke up after the Fantasy Suite and there was no I doubt that it was over. That Juan Pablo and I would not have a future. I feel like Juan Pablo doesn't take this seriously."

Andi confirmed what we've suspected all along: Juan Pablo cannot hold a conversation that isn't about his daughter, soccer or how pretty someone looks. He simply substitutes kissing for deep discussions. Entire chunks of this season where we would have expected to see this man really getting intimate in his conversations with these women have been completely overshadowed by all the besitos.

Hometown Dates Week 8 Recap: Why Did Juan Pablo Send Renee Oteri Home on Feb. 24 Episode?

Though some Bachelor spoilers 2014 that we were going off of indicated Juan Pablo betrayed Andi's trust regarding their overnight time, it seems it was actually Juan Pablo's mention of his time with Clare to Andi that bothered the bright young attorney, among other things. (We still expect Reality Steve's spoilers are correct when he says Andi Dorfman is The Bachelorette 2014, especially given her lengthy exit interview in the van.)

Before The Bachelor 2014 episode 9 Fantasy Suite rose ceremony that aired Tuesday night, Chris Harrison chatted with Juan Pablo and told him each lady made a video message as a final impression. Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley were positive and upbeat in their videos, and Andi's video announced she wanted to discuss their Fantasy Suite experience in person.

When Juan Pablo and Andi met, she quickly got down to business. "I came here to find love," Andi began before explaining that she was sure she wasn't in love with him.

"I appreciate you being honest with me," he told her. "It's okay, it's fine."

Andi was angered by his blase reaction to her news. "You joked about me being here by default. It hurts my feelings. It's not okay. Stop saying everything's okay. It's annoying." Also annoying? JP specifically talking about his overnight date with Clare during his alone time with Andi. (As stated above, some Bachelor spoilers had this backwards. Nonetheless, they were 100% correct about Andi being the one who went home on The Bachelor 2014 during episode 9 on Feb. 25.)

Andi said all Juan Pablo ever did was pass out "besitos" and "it's okay's," especially when she would try to discuss feelings, her past or his emotions.

They got into an argument over whether or not he used the word default when referring to Andi's place in the final three. "Default? That word is not in my vocabulary," JP said.

"You said 'default'," insisted Andi. JP wouldn't give in, telling her, "No, I said you barely made it. Barely." At a certain point Andi's accusations and tone betrayed her legal background and bordered on uncomfortable courtroom sparring, but JP's "you barely made it" remark felt like a slap in the face to us, even through the TV screen.

It was all irrelevant, though. It was clear these two were not going to get past this. She seemed utterly disgusted, and he seemed completely indifferent. When Andi got in the van to leave, JP told cameras he wouldn't have let her stay even if she had changed her mind. Ouch!

During The Bachelor 2014 rose ceremony in Saint Lucia (Feb. 25), both Nikki and Clare accepted their roses and expressed no doubts when asked by Juan Pablo to speak up if they had any. Stay tuned to ABC for "Women Tell All" on Mar. 3 and the finale on Mar. 10.

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