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'Bachelor' spoilers: ABC teases 'most shocking finale ever' ... again

Juan Pablo and Mickey Mouse back in December 2013
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

"Bachelor" spoilers have pretty much sealed the deal for Juan Pablo's season. On March 4, Reality Steve backed up his predictions, confident that this season he got it right (because last season with Desiree Hartsock? He got it wrong). Anyway, most people now believe that Juan Pablo is going to "choose" Nikki but that he isn't going to propose to her.

As previously reported, there were rumors that ABC was going to offer Juan Pablo serious money to propose on "After the Final Rose" but since it has been confirmed (by Reality Steve, of course) that he and Nikki aren't even together anymore? That's probably not going to happen.

"Bachelor" spoilers have been wrong in the past but Reality Steve does seem confident that Juan Pablo doesn't end up with anyone after the past few weeks of drama. To many viewers, that's not surprising. Juan Pablo may be something really nice to look at, but somehow his looks got the best of him and people seemed to fall completely out of lust with him. At this point, a lot of viewers are ready for the season to be over.

ABC's decision to allow Juan Pablo to take the helm was risky from the get-go. There is only so much your looks can do for you and it seems as though every woman on the show (except maybe Clare) learned that the hard way. JP has a very different way of thinking and "that's okay" -- but it's not "okay" for most of the women who really wanted to fall in love with him.

And so "Bachelor" spoilers have already turned into "Bachelorette" spoilers at this point because people are so done with Juan Pablo and so ready for Andi Dorfman to have her go. So will this be "the most shocking finale ever"? Probably not. Brad Womack still holds that candle.

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