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Bachelor spoilers 2014: Will Juan Pablo and Nikki get engaged on finale or ATFR?

With The Bachelor 2014 finale now only hours away, it is officially time for a Bachelor spoilers recap. If you aren't looking for very specific predictions on what might happen during the finale and follow-up live "After The Final Rose" episode, turn back now!

Will Juan Pablo Galavis propose on 'The Bachelor' 2014 finale on Mar. 10? What happens during this season's "After The Final Rose" episode? Get the latest Bachelor spoilers here now.
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Who does Reality Steve say Juan Pablo Galavis picked during filming of Monday night's Season 18 finale? Are this season's star and this season's winner still a couple? Could viewers see a proposal during the finale or even the live after-show? Get this and more below the jump.

Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Is Juan Pablo and Bachelor Season 18 Winner Still Together?

Brunette beauty Andi Dorfman, 26, left competition after spending the night with JP in the Fantasy Suite, leaving Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell as the final two. (And leaving Andi as the expected Bachelorette 2014.)

Reality Steve has been promising viewers that Juan Pablo picks Nikki on The Bachelor 2014 finale, which was filmed in November of last year and will air on ABC on the evening of Mar. 10.

But is he right? And if so, are Juan Pablo and Nikki still together?

So far this season, Steve has been pretty accurate. He did get The Bachelorette 2013 ending wrong, despite having dished fairly accurate spoilers throughout Desiree Hartsock's season, but we think this year will be different and more in line with his usual track record of being on-point. What serious viewers and spoiler-watchers are wondering now is: are Juan Pablo and Nikki together as a couple as of the finale airing or not?

It doesn't sound like Steve is entirely certain about that aspect, but he does reveal one very interesting tidbit on his website. "There is a monetary offer on the table for Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on 'After The Final Rose'...If he proposes on the live show, it's fake."

Reportedly, Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo and Nikki will present themselves as still being together on "ATFR," though earlier Bachelor spoilers point out in no uncertain terms that Nikki is getting played. The truth of their relationship will likely only come to light in the weeks and months following "ATFR."

Though Reality Steve says JP is "never going to marry Nikki," he admits there's always a chance he could propose during "After The Final Rose" in order to snag the compensation from ABC.

A Celebrity Dirty Laundry article published on Mar. 8 points out that JP has been seen "with numerous women" since the season premiered on Jan. 6, and none of them are Nikki. Yikes! The drama builds...

Get more Bachelor 2014 spoilers at the links above while you countdown to The Bachelor Season 18 finale on Mar. 10. (Here in Tucson, the fun kicks off at 7 p.m. and runs until 10 p.m.; check local listings for your specific carrier and time zone.)

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