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Bachelor spoilers 2014: Week 7 eliminations and Hometown Week preview (Photos)

According to Reality Steve's Bachelor 2014 Week 7 spoilers, Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell will enjoy a one-on-one date for dinner at Marlins Park in Miami. The episode airs on Feb. 17. Get more Season 18 gossip here now!

During The Bachelor 2014 Week 7, Juan Pablo Galavis and the six remaining ladies head to Miami. Reality Steve says he knows who will be eliminated, and is happy to share the information.

If you don't have two hours to watch the Season 18 Week 7 episode on Feb. 17, or just don't want to wait, find Bachelor spoilers 2014 for this week and next week's show below. (Get even more dirt, including who Juan Pablo will pick on the Season 18 finale - allegedly - here now.)

Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who is Eliminated During Week 7 and Week 8 Episodes?

According to Reality Steve, who has made a career out of dishing the dirty details of each episode before ABC can find ways to be re-edit footage to keep viewers guessing at least a little, this week we will say goodbye to two ladies.

Following a successful one on one date with Juan Pablo, opera singer Sharleen Joynt leaves competition. This should come as no surprise to anyone who is watched even one or two episodes this season; between awkward kissing and flat-out admissions that she can't really see herself with Bachelor Season 18 star Juan Pablo, Sharleen probably should have bowed out gracefully two episodes ago.

JP has another one-on-one date during Week 7; he takes Nikki Ferrell on a dinner date at Marlins Park. (Hopefully, she's a baseball fan!) In the photo above, the pair are seen strolling hand-in-hand during this date. For more photos of Juan Pablo and Nikki on their Week 7 date - not to mention tons more Bachelor spoilers 2014 - click here to go directly to Reality Steve's site.

There will also be a five-way date on a private island (Andi gets the group date rose) leading up to the Week 8 rose ceremony. JP does not give a rose to Chelsie Webster, bringing the grand total for Bachelor 2014 Week 7 eliminations to two (and 23 for the whole season).

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During the first Week 8 episode (Feb. 24), Juan Pablo goes on Hometown dates with the four remaining bachelorettes, getting more back-story, meeting the parents and so on. JP reportedly accompanies Renee Oteri to her son Ben's Little League game (though we do not believe Ben and the Season 18 Bachelor actually meet) but eliminates the single mother during the rose ceremony the very next day.

Fun filming fact: Reality Steve reports that this portion of the Week 8 episode was filmed on October 30, 2013.

The Week 8 episode part two, Fantasy Suite edition, promises to pack plenty of drama. For an extended look and plenty of spoilers, click here. The entire two-night event will take place over Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 24 and 25) of next week.

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