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Bachelor spoilers 2014: ladies unleash on Juan Pablo during 'Women Tell All'

New 'Bachelor' 2014 spoilers from Reality Steve say Juan Pablo Galavis will get an earful from ladies he rejected or who went home on their own during the 'Women Tell All' special on Mar. 3. Get all the (alleged) details here now!
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The latest Bachelor spoilers 2014 are available, and we've got the lowdown for you here.

Did Juan Pablo Galavis find love? Did he propose to either of the final two ladies? What dirt will the ladies dish to viewers on the "Women Tell All" Week 9 episode?

We may already think we know who Juan Pablo picked on The Bachelor 2014 finale, which was taped months ago in St. Lucia, but there's plenty that remains up in the air. For example, just what will the rejected women have to say about this season's Bachelor during the "Women Tell All" episode on March 3?

Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Ladies Take Juan Pablo to Task on 'Women Tell All'

According to Reality Steve, the "WTA" will be something of a "snore fest," because the two most controversial women of this season, pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell and hairstylist Clare Crawley, are the final two and thus were not present at last month's taping in order to not give away the ending. (We will hear from them on the "After The Final Rose" special that airs right after the Season 18 finale next week.)

In the latest Bachelor spoilers 2014, Reality Steve says it will be Andi Dorfman (expected to star as The Bachelorette 2014), Renee Oteri and Sharleen Joynt who end up in the hot seat talking to host Chris Harrison. This makes perfect sense, as each was seen as a frontrunner at one point or another, and each made it very far into the season before leaving or being sent home. (While JP sent Renee home, both Sharleen and Andi left after realizing they couldn't see themselves with Juan Pablo.)

Though no major fireworks are expected, some of the ladies reportedly call Bachelor Juan Pablo out on his seeming lack of interest in getting to know the women as individuals and his inability to really connect with them beyond the endless besitos. With JP, the hunky Latin lover routine seems to be all surface and no substance; anytime anyone tries to be serious or deep with him, he either thrusts his tongue in their mouth (sometimes clearly just to shut them up because he doesn't have a clue what to say) or tells them simply that everything's okay and to "just trust" him.

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He didn't seem to form a strong bond with any of the women; with Clare, it's just sexual energy. Nikki is also pure sex appeal plus a big heart, so what's not to like? That's not the same thing as bonded, you-and-me-against-the-world love. We digress.

As previous Bachelor spoilers have indicated, and last week's Hometown and Fantasy Suite double-episode confirmed, Nikki and Clare are the final two. Nikki is expected to be the last one standing when The Bachelor 2014 finale airs, but Reality Steve says there will be no proposal. In fact, recent gossip suggests Juan Pablo and Nikki are no longer together. This is not even a little bit surprising, all things considered.

Nikki and Clare cannot stand each other and have made no secret of their feelings, and Juan Pablo doesn't take criticism well. It should be interesting to see them all hash things out on "ATFR." For their parts, Clare seemed relaxed over this past weekend, tweeting casually March 2 about the weather, her dogs and jewelry. Nikki was tweeting about mundane, innocuous things on Sunday, too. If anyone's engaged, broken up, happy, sad, nervous, jilted or otherwise flustered, they're not showing it on social media.

The two-hour Bachelor Season 18 finale will air on March 10 on ABC, with "After The Final Rose" adding another full hour to the lineup. Get more Bachelor spoilers here now at Reality Steve's website.

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