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Bachelor spoilers 2014: Juan Pablo's first one-on-one date revealed (Season 18)

In a special behind-the-scenes episode of 'The Bachelor' 2014, we get spoilers such as who Juan Pablo Galavis picks for his first one-on-one date and much more! Read more here.
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New Bachelor spoilers 2014 were revealed during a special behind-the-scenes episode of The Bachelor on Sunday (Jan. 12). Latin heartthrob Juan Pablo Galavis started the one-hour special off right by surprising fans who were gathered for viewing parties the night of the Season 18 premiere. "I felt the spiciness of Juan Pablo," one of the flustered Bachelor 2014 fans reported of the experience.

At one of the parties, fans wrote down their top four choices on a piece of paper to try and predict who Bachelor Juan Pablo picks on the season finale. Similar to what Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers predict, the names Nikki and Andi came up repeatedly. But when one of the fans asked Juan Pablo, "did you find love?" Juan Pablo replied, "You'll have to wait till March."

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Next, we see Juan Pablo Galavis and his young daughter Camila play in a winter wonderland, but that wonderland wasn't built just for them. Juan Pablo revealed that the set-up was actually for his first one-on-one date of Season 18! First, though, JP and Camila got to explore and play together. (JP would bring one of the bachelorettes for a romantic nighttime date.) Camila had never played in or even seen snow before, and was delighted to ice-skate and play in snow with her dad. This whole scene was, of course, adorable. Camila's laughter was pure joy to listen to and we might have swooned just a little.

Just before the father-daughter play date, Juan Pablo revealed to Chris Harrison that he picked 32-year-old hairstylist Clare for the first date of The Bachelor 2014. "She is someone I think is very cute, very funny. I see her and I see myself a lot [when I was on the show]."

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Viewers also got a behind-the-scenes look at what happened after the first rose ceremony of The Bachelor 2014, with a focus on the women Juan Pablo sent home. We saw the women who were picked to stay as they giggled and scrambled to get settled into the Bachelor mansion, but then the mood shifted. We saw the rejected bachelorettes crying in their hotel rooms as they packed their belongings. "To think of how many girls got to stay, it makes me wonder what he didn't see me," Kylie shared. This is a sad scene that will be repeated over and over throughout the season, but one viewers are usually spared.

Halfway through the show, Chris Harrison presented the 18 remaining bachelorettes with the first date card. "I'm so excited," Clare gushed after her name was read.

Later, we saw Lucy, 24, running around naked, casually explaining how comfortable she is with her body and describing her hippie tendencies with a giggle as she sprayed herself down with a garden hose. (Pretty sure the ratings among straight men 18-65 shot through the roof during Lucy's package.) "I feel more comfortable when I'm naked, I feel more connected with nature."

Finally, we see a package showing the highlights of the upcoming Season 18 episodes. Private jets, photo shoots, epic travel destinations, rooftop dinners and of course, hot tubs and cat fights reign supreme. (We also see a very drunk Victoria causing trouble much to the amusement of the other women.) Stay tuned for more Bachelor spoilers 2014 coming soon, and click here for a full recap of the Season 18 premiere.

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