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Bachelor spoilers 2014: Jimmy Kimmel's predictions nearly mirror Reality Steve's

Jimmy Kimmel hosted 'Bachelor' 2014 star Juan Pablo Galavis on Jan. 6, and tried to get his to spill the beans on the final three. Did he?
Jimmy Kimmel hosted 'Bachelor' 2014 star Juan Pablo Galavis on Jan. 6, and tried to get his to spill the beans on the final three. Did he?
Photo by Michael Kovac

Is Jimmy Kimmel keeping track of The Bachelor spoilers and purposely airing them on his show? Juan Pablo Galavis appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's ABC late-night show following The Bachelor premiere on Jan. 6, and it sure seemed like it!

During the segment, Kimmel tried to get Juan Pablo to reveal the names of the season's final three ladies as he made predictions of his own, something that has come to be a tradition on the show. The persistent host predicted Nikki, Andi and Renee would be in the final three. Now, here's the interesting part. The latest Bachelor spoilers 2014 indeed suggest Nikki and Andi will be in the final three! (Out of 27 original women.) While he neither confirmed nor denied when Kimmel specified Andi and Nikki, when it came to Renee, he shook his head slightly and his answer was, "I wish I could say yes," rather than a "We'll have to wait and see" sort of comment.

Jimmy Kimmel to Season 18 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo: 'You Just Gave Away the Final Three!'

If you checked out our post earlier this week, you know the latest Bachelor spoilers 2014 suggest it will be Clare who joins Nikki and Andi in the final three. Jimmy Kimmel also predicted Nikki will win at the end, which is exactly in line with what Reality Steve's spoilers say. At this point, Juan Pablo appeared to get a bit defensive, though his annoyance was subtle and his response lighthearted. Kimmel ribbed him pretty hard, telling him he "gave away the final three." Throughout, J.P. was squirming just a little bit, just enough to make a person wonder if Kimmel and the dirt Reality Steve has put together might not be onto something.

Besides getting needled about the information he's under contract not to reveal, Juan Pablo shared a bit of behind-the-scenes dish. "They told me to take my shirt off a lot," he joked, presumably talking about show producers (and no doubt viewers), and mentioned how the camera seemed to always find him in the shower. Imagine that!

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The late night host also asked what many viewers want to know: "What really goes on in the Fantasy Quite?" Juan Pablo insisted, "I can't kiss and tell," to which Kimmel replied, "So we know there's kissing..." which brought laughter from J.P. and the audience.

For more on The Bachelor 2014, click here; you'll find bios on Juan Pablo and the bachelorettes, as well as tons of photos and video clips. Stay tuned for more Bachelor spoilers 2014 as they begin to circulate...this season's ride has only just begun!

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