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‘Bachelor’ spoiler has fans excited; Reality Steve says Chris Soules set to film

Chris Harrison might be helping Chris Soules find true love on The Bachelor
Photo by Ari Perilstein

The fans of “Bachelor” are looking ahead at the new season of the reality show and a new man to watch as he tries to find love. While some fans have been surmising on who it might be, it appears that Reality Steve, a “Bachelor” spoiler master has already found out who has signed on the dotted line. According to She Knows on Monday, it has been revealed that Chris Soules will be the next “Bachelor.”

One of the most interesting clues regarding Chris Soules being the next “Bachelor” contestant is his lack of presence on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Most of the other contestants who were fan favorites from the last few seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are seen on the show. However, Chris is nowhere to be seen on the current reality show.

Another strong indication that Chris Soules is readying for the job is his social media. Usually stars who are involved in the taping process can’t talk about anything to go with the filming and that is exactly what readers find on Chris’ feed. He is vague and doesn't focus on anything that relates to the show or looking for love, which is another hint he might be under contract to say nothing.

Chris Soules really would be the perfect choice for the “Bachelor.” Charming, handsome and willing to look for love, he has already won the hearts of the ladies watching the show. Hopefully he can find true love on the program and walk away a man in love too. The fans would adore that equation and it would be good for the show too.

So how accurate is Chris Soules being the next contestant? Well, Reality Steve and his predictions are usually pretty accurate and he suggests it will happen too. The better question is to ask is when was the last time Reality Steve was wrong? The blogger not only has an insider working somewhere on the set, he seems to hit the nail of the head for almost every prediction. He predicted that Juan Pablo wouldn't propose and that Andi Dorfman would be the woman for the “Bachelorette.” And his latest prediction seems to be accurate too.

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