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'Bachelor' spoiler: Clare fires back at Nikki after her 'dog' comment

Clare and Nikki drama heats up on "The Bachelor"
ABC Screenshot

'Bachelor' contestant Nikki Ferrell calls Clare Crawley a dog while the girls are in Miami, but Clare doesn't just sit there and take it. She fires back with the "B" word after listening to Nikki run her mouth.

Both girls are Juan Pablo's frontrunners this season, but only one will make it to the final rose ceremony.

Tensions are running high as weeks pass and Nikki has no problem talking smack about her competitor.

‘Bachelor’ video preview: Nikki calls clare a ‘dog’

During Monday night's show, Nikki says, "Clare is like a dog ... She peed on [Juan Pablo] first, she claimed her territory and the fact is she claimed some territory that might not be hers."

Clare is clearly not a fan of Nikki and fires back by calling her a "bi**h" -- something that many of the other girls have been thinking, but not saying.

I feel like Nikki is always gets away with just being a b----. I'm not OK with that." - Clare Crawley

'The Bachelor' spoiler: Is Juan Pablo engaged & who gets the final rose?

Episode 7 of "The Bachelor" airs on Monday, Feb. 17. It will be worth tuning in to see how the whole fight between Clare and Nikki goes down.

The entire season has been void of the usual trash talking, so perhaps the producers decided it was time to heat things up between the ladies.

Is Juan Pablo the worst 'Bachelor' ever? All besos, no brains

Nikki will have a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo tonight. Clare is stuck on a group date, but there is no doubt she'll steal him away from the other girls so she can swap spit with him and leave the other girls little time with Juan Pablo.

'Bachelor' spoilers February 17: Who does Juan Pablo eliminate in Miami?

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