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Bachelor Recap: Highlights from this season

"Wow.  You all really hate me."
"Wow. You all really hate me."
Photo Credit Courtesy of THE INTERNET

I have a confession. I have no idea what is going on during this season of The Bachelor. This is probably unsettling, as it would be similar to hearing your financial advisor say, “I don’t know how to count.”

Based on extensive research (typing random words into Google), and watching far too many clips from, it appears this has been a rather emotional and controversial season. Below are the highlights that I took away from this season.

  • There was a girl on the show with the name of Kelly. Occupation: Dog Lover. If this is a job, I have a lot of unclaimed wages.
  • The show begins with the girls falling hard for this Spanish-speaking model. Everyone seems to hate him at the end. I think there was something that happened in between…
  • He goes “swimming” in the ocean with Clare. (a.k.a. his swimmers go swimming)
  • Andi leaves the show after a fantasy suite. Hit it and quit it. She tells Juan Pablo that he only cares about himself and knows nothing about her personally. After she storms off he asks, “Who was that?”
  • Juan Pablo filmed a commercial with the yellow M&M.
  • Subtitles might still be necessary to understand what Juan Pablo is saying.
  • Although a majority of the women seem to dislike him and claim he is not who he appeared to be, I’m sure Juan would think, “It’s okay.”

I am unsure how to feel about this season. Therefore, I spent the remainder of my time keeping tabs on previous contestants, Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton.

They’re doing just fine.

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