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‘Bachelor’ recap: Emily’s anti-Courtney talk nearly loses her Ben forever

"The Bachelor" star Ben Flajnik and some of his bachelorettes fly fish in Park City, Utah
"The Bachelor" star Ben Flajnik and some of his bachelorettes fly fish in Park City, Utah

The first rule of reality TV dating should be don’t waste time talking about other women/men when it’s your sole alone time with the bachelor/bachelorette. Monica was right when she said on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” that true colors will always shine (a la Justin “Rated R” Rego), but there’s always one person who feels it is his/her job to warn the bachelor/bachelorette. Apparently, this season that person is Emily. We all understood her point, and we’ve all been there, wanting to shake someone and prove our point, but she wasted who knows how long talking about her negative opinion of Courtney instead of why she and Ben could be right for one another. She never named names, but Ben realized who she was talking about based on the conversation, and the minute the conversation was over, she knew she had thrown only herself in the deep end. She realized it was a terrible move, but she was on rant she wasn’t ready to get off and ended up butting heads with Casey, who is friends with Courtney, and then Courtney in front of the other women.

While Ben was completely unresponsive to Emily’s claims, she did receive a rose at the night’s ceremony. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson … oh wait she hasn’t. Based on next week’s preview, Emily is far from letting this go, including spending more time wining to Ben about it. One time can be forgiven, but will Ben put up with a second round of “Courtney is fake”? Doubtful!

Rachel’s date with Ben

Prior to the date, Rachel mentioned she was nervous about one-on-one time with Ben because of her difficult time communicating with others, which, according to her, is the reason her other relationships have ended. And after hearing that, I was nervous for her. If there is anything you need to have to survive on a reality dating show, it’s great communication skills.

But according to Ben, Rachel need not be so nervous. He was really excited about spending time along with her and said he loves that she is down to Earth. The pair took a helicopter to a gorgeous lake for a private canoe ride. While there was some kissing, there seemed to be more kissing that talking – unless you count “It’s beautiful out here” over and over again as a conversation.

Things only become more awkward as the date continued. While sitting on the water’s edge drinking champagne – which should’ve been beyond romantic – the only things they could find to discuss were the beaver damn across the river and, yet again, how beautiful it was that day. Ben told viewers he really wanted to get to know her but didn’t get a vibe she wanted to get to know him. At dinner Ben began to ask questions about Rachel’s background and previous relationships – there was a fantastic moment when, speaking about past relationships, she said she didn’t see purpose in staying in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere – and it took him voicing his concerns for her to open up and explain she isn’t good at communicating in relationships, especially not right away. Ben seemed relieved after Rachel opened up and was happy to offer her a rose at the end of the date.

Ben’s group date in Park City, Utah

For the group date in Park City, Utah, Ben invited Jamie, Casey, Blakeley, Lindzi, Samantha, Nicki, Kacie and Courtney fishing – and not just quietly sitting in a boat fishing but the kind of fishing when you stand knee deep in freezing-cold water (that’s fly fishing to you city folk!). It was certainly a test for the women, with some rocking it and others floundering – pun absolutely intended!

Kacie was nervous going into the group date, as she has only had time alone with Ben, but the pair picked up right where they left off thanks to Ben’s adorable fishing lesson; it put her fears at ease, at least for the moment. Some extra private time later in the night also helped reassure Kacie things were going well for the pair. Ben actually told viewers he was “in trouble with Kacie B.” because his feelings for her were growing so fast. Unfortunately that didn’t mean Kacie received the night’s rose; the rose went to Courtney, probably because she voiced how much of a hard time she was having watching Ben with other girls – sort of a ploy just to get the rose, btw!

Courtney was another bachelorette who went in for the kill, pulling Ben to a secluded area to “catch him a fish.” Ben really enjoys spending time with Courtney, and it’s easy for viewers to see why; when she’s with Ben, she’s sweet and relaxed. But like I’ve said before, it’s hard to know which Courtney is the real Courtney. Whichever Courtney we saw on the group date, Ben was fully impressed that she caught a fish – the only bachelorette to catch a fish; I know, shocker!

At the mixer, Ben spent time getting to know Casey and bonded over recently losing friends with Nicki. Both of the conversations appeared to go well, especially his time with Nicki. Unfortunately, not everyone’s time with Ben was as easy peezy. Samantha was frustrated and confronted Ben – in a non-confrontational way – about only being asked on group dates. Samantha asked Ben for honesty, and he gave it to her – nothing like being told you don’t play well with others, you aren’t taking this experience serious and I don’t see this going anywhere. Samantha was completely speechless and suggested the pair cut ties immediately. It was shocking, but she didn’t seem right for Ben anyway.

Jennifer’s date with Ben

Jennifer got the short end of the stick for dates in my opinion! Ben took her on a crazy date that had the pair repelling 350 feet into a crater. I understand that Ben wanted to see if Jennifer would trust him and be willing to take a risk – isn’t that what “The Bachelor is all about? – but this was a little much for their first one-on-one date. Jennifer had no problem saying she was scared, but she was a total champ about the situation; I would’ve been hysterically crying! At a certain point, the pair unhooked their equipment and plunged into a giant pool of water.

Since they survived that, they moved onto dinner, where they discussed if their lives would work together and Jennifer’s past relationship, which ended after more than four years because she knew he wasn’t going to marry her. A sudden storm cut their outdoor evening short but didn’t keep Jennifer from her rose or the pair from later dancing the night away at a Clay Walker concert.

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