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Bachelor party RV trip ends when gagging stench leads to hidden dead body in RV

Rented RV holds hidden corpse that rolling bachelor party sniffs out on the way to Kentucky Derby.
Rented RV holds hidden corpse that rolling bachelor party sniffs out on the way to Kentucky Derby.
Wikimedia Commons/ Claygate

A group of men who embarked on a rolling bachelor party in a rented RV got the shock of their lives when they didn’t heed the warning from the man who privately rented them this RV. That warning was “don’t open” the exterior compartments because the "doors are broken."

A group of Minnesota friends were told by the RV owner that the two exterior compartment doors were broken and they agreed not to touch them. When they picked up their next batch of buddies in Winona, that warning never got passed along.

According to on May 4, this group of friends was traveling to the Kentucky Derby for their last hurrah's before one of the men was to be married. After the stop in Winona the group could smell something foul, but it wasn’t until they made another stop along the way that one of the group opened the forbidden broken doors.

The horrendous stench really hit them when one of the doors they opened contained a dead body inside. They could see this body from the knees down. They stopped their exploration of the vehicle and called the police. The men had discovered the body of a 22-year-old man that had gone missing in November from Anoka, Minnesota, according to the authorities.

According to the Star Tribune, Jake Wanek, one of the bachelor party boys recalled how the body was found. He said that they opened one compartment and although it was empty it sent off a “whoosh of an odor.” When they opened the second front compartment it became apparent that they had been traveling with a dead body.

One of the men said what the found “didn’t look fresh,” so they left it alone until the police came. None of the men’s curiosity peaked enough to want to explore that compartment any further, conveyed Wanek. The body of Kevin Casserly was inside that compartment.

Casserly had called his mother on November 11 and told her he just called out of work sick for the day with the flu. He was last seen the next day running down the street near a gas station in his bare feet. His mother had gone to his apartment and found his phone and wallet, but not Kevin. The door to his apartment was ajar.

The Casserly family had suspected that Kevin’s disappearance had to do with foul play, but there was no proof of this. He was a recovering methamphetamine addict and had been clean for some time. He was just promoted at his job, so he had been doing well in the weeks before he went missing.

How did Casserly, the father of two, end up dead in this RV exterior compartment? It sounds as if the owner of the RV had some idea that there was a something inside that compartment, asking the renters not to open it, but you never know.

The owner of the RV’s name was not released and the investigation is on-going today. The authorities have not released the cause of death for Casserly at this time.

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