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Bachelor party mastodon find: Group stumbles upon skull fossil during outing

A bachelor party mastodon fossil find has impressed experts
A bachelor party mastodon fossil find has impressed experts
Photo via Sergiodlarosa from Wikimedia Commons

A bachelor party mastodon find certainly led a group of partiers in a direction they didn't expect. The group found the rare fossil at a New Mexico state park, and experts are stunned by the find. Reuters via Huffington Post shared the details.

A museum spokesman said that the bachelor party's mastodon skull fossil find came Thursday as the group was at the Elephant Butte State Park. The condition of the fossil is said to be impressive, as the tusks are even still attached. The mastodons migrated to North America about 15 million years ago and are considered to be Ice Age elephant relatives. They went extinct around 10,000 years ago.

The party attendees called a University of New Mexico professor, who then connected them with Gary Morgan, head paleontologist of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. The area where the bachelor party's mastodon fossil was found is a popular area of the park, so experts are a bit stumped that it happened to be found there. Certainly some groups would have kept on with the party and glossed over finding an appropriate authority to notify, but this does seem to be quite the intriguing find.