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'Bachelor in Paradise' update: How are Chris and Elise now?

Chris Bukowski
Photo by Jesse Grant

Last night was a new episode of "Bachelor in Paradise." At the end, Chris Bukowski was the hero as he left the show because of a hurt knee and took Elise Mosca with him. He even gave Michelle Money his rose so that she could stick around. On Monday night, Reality Steve went to Twitter to share how they are doing now.

Steve said that these two have split up already. They were not able to make it last once they were back in the real world. There are no big details out about the split yet though. Hopefully those will be coming out soon.

Elise went to Twitter last night sharing a picture of her and Chris, but it was from when they were filming the show. She also thanked them for making her one on one date so great. It looks like they were really happy in this show, but things must have changed once they were not on a tropical island anymore.

Radar Online shared a photo back in June that showed Elise and Chris showing up at the Chicago airport together. This is where Chris is from so it would make sense that they were showing up there. These pictures are from when they got home from the show and were just ready to start dating in the real world. They weren't shy about posing for the cameras at all either. This was about two months ago so it didn't take too long for them to decide it wasn't going to work.

Don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" on Monday nights on ABC. There is going to be a lot of drama before the rest of this season is over. Hopefully Chris Bukowski doesn't show back up on this show for some reason. He does always have a way of reappearing on the show somehow.

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