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'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Who shows up this week and can't get a date?

Kalon McMahon and Ashlee Frazier

It is time for another spoiler for "Bachelor in Paradise." On Thursday, ABC shared a new spoiler on their Facebook page about what will happen this next week. It is time for a new guy to come into the house, but things won't go as planned for him. Kalon McMahon is showing up and he doesn't have a ton of fans in the house.

The new clip shows Kalon talking about how he should be having an adventure, but nobody wants to leave their comfort zone. He showed up on the episode so of course this means that he got an envelope to go on a one on one date, but it doesn't look like anyone is really excited to go out with him.

He is not willing to give up his date card and let someone else go on the date. Kalon is there to have a good time. He reveals that he already tried the nice guy thing so he must have offered for someone to go with him and nobody wanted to go. Kalon is making history again and he is going to go on a one on none date by himself. He will still have a good time.

Kalon then yells out telling everyone goodbye and that he will be going on his own. He made it sound like it is a great date that he can't miss. Everyone yells at him to have a great time. It does sound like some of the girls told him no. This all makes it highly doubtful that he will be sticking around for long.

Kalon did reveal some about the show to ABC 13. He said this show was not near as glamorous as being on "The Bachelorette." He shared that it is kind of like summer camp for adults.

Don't miss "Bachelor in Paradise" on Monday night on ABC. This new episode should show a lot of drama that you don't want to miss. There will be a new episode on Monday and Tuesday night both this week.

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