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'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Who needs an ambulance?

Red Rose
Red Rose
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Tonight on "The Bachelorette" special "The Men Tell All" Chris Harrison shared a big preview for "Bachelor in Paradise." This preview had fans wondering what goes on with this show. It was obvious that someone ends up in an ambulance and someone ends up in handcuffs. On Monday, Epoch Times shared big spoilers about the first two episodes of the show.

So here is what goes down with the ambulance. Michelle Kujawa will leave the show during episode one of the series. She says that she isn't attracted to anyone there. The real reason is she found someone in production that she was attracted to and that is who she wants to be with instead.

Production will find Michelle with a sound guy in her room later. He obviously doesn't want to lose his job or didn't want to get caught so he jumps out the window. He then ends up breaking both of his legs from this big jump. That would explain why they need an ambulance and how crazy this show is going to be. It looks like Michelle Kujawa found love on the show.

Reality Steve has shared a lot of spoilers for this show. He doesn't seem to know who ends up in handcuffs though at this time. So far he has not shared this big spoiler and everyone is curious how that part of the show will turn out. It looks like someone ends up getting arrested, but it could simply just be a game they play or something else that puts someone in handcuffs.

Don't miss "Bachelor in Paradise" when it starts to air on Monday August 4. Next week fans will find out who wins "The Bachelorette" 2014 and then this show will start the next week. It is going to be a wild ride and something you have never seen before.