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'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Who get sent home for having a girlfriend?

Red Roses
Red Roses
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"Bachelor in Paradise" started airing last week and now fans want spoilers. The first episode showed a preview that made it obvious that something wild is going on next week. One clip showed some of the guys talking about how someone has a girlfriend back home. On Wednesday, Wet Paint shared that someone does get kicked off because they left someone back home.

That guy will be Ben Scott. On week one, he wasn't making any big connections with anyone. He left a girl at home named Lindsay Higgins and they are together now. They were also dating when he left for the show but the relationship was really new at that time for these two. He even considered not going on the show because of her.

Ben thought the show could be a great thing for him. He wants to have doors opened for him and being on television can do that for you. The thing is Marquel and Marcus find a letter from her. Some of this aired last week on the show during the previews. They said that they read in a letter that someone loved him.

This will end up getting Ben Scott sent home from the show. Things won't work out for him, but he found love and it is with a girl that is at home. It looks like Ben got what he wanted in the long run. Lindsay has been sharing photos of them on Instagram. On July 27, she shared one that says she is lucky she gets to love him.

"Bachelor in Paradise" airs new episodes on Monday nights on ABC. Don't miss this new show that is making waves. It is going to be a wild six weeks. You should get to see Ben Scott get sent home next week so that is one less guy that needs to go home.