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‘Bachelor in Paradise ‘spoilers: Gossip and drama heat up passion

Some interesting drama took place last night on ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise”. While some relationships were blossoming, others clearly fizzled. Surprises throughout the night included a new bachelor and women who were in no way interested in having a date with him.

'Bachelor in Paradise' full of drama!
Photo by Jesse Grant

“Bachelor in Paradise” welcomed Kalon McMahon, from Emily Maynard’s season as “The Bachelorette”. Kalon’s departure as one of Emily’s bachelors was not a positive one. In fact, not one woman in “Paradise” was willing to give him the time of day last night.

Kalon showed up with a date card. Fans would think some of the women would “take one for the team” but not even Michelle Money was willing to go the “lucky” one to go on a private date with him. Believe it or not, Kalon actually went on a “romantic” date by himself!

The evening also included drama between Ashlee Frazier and Claire Crawley. As expected, these two clashed when Ashlee started talking about Claire’s experiences with former “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis. Ashlee went as far as to tell Zack, Claire’s current love interest, Claire has been very intimate with Juan Pablo in the ocean. One would think Zack would be turned off by this, but he didn’t flinch – it almost seemed as if he were defending Claire.

The funny thing was Ashlee felt she was not on camera when she was having her conversation with Zack. Apparently Ashlee is very conscious of what she says in the house and when, especially with respect to camera locations.
The episode ended abruptly when Ashlee offered Graham a rose during the rose ceremony for the evening. Instead of a accepting the rose, he walked off the set. Michelle Money went to his rescue, but fans were left wondering as the episode came to a close.

Watch tonight as “Bachelor in Paradise” heats up. Will Ashlee be left standing with a rose in her hand? Who will save Marquel Martin from going home?

Sources: ABC

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