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'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers for episode 4: Who runs into the woods?

Which 'Bachelor in Paradise' lady runs into the woods?
Which 'Bachelor in Paradise' lady runs into the woods?
Photo via Lacy Faddoul's Twitter

What can fans expect from “Bachelor in Paradise” episodes 4 and 5 this week? Fans get a double dose of drama as new episodes air on both Monday and Tuesday this week. On Monday Reality Steve's spoilers via Twitter clarified one mysterious tidbit that previous “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers hadn't pinned down quite yet: who ends up running through the woods and away from the cameras?

“Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers indicate that there will be an epic confrontation between AshLee Frazier and Clare Crawley Monday night, and the drama carries over into Tuesday. It has also been made to look as if Graham Bunn rejects AshLee's rose, and it seemed as if perhaps AshLee took off into the woods. However, that is not how it all really plays out. Though there is drama surrounding AshLee and Graham, as the latest preview from Zap2It indicates, there is a lot more going on in this episode.

It is known that AshLee and Clare fight, and it seems that comes due to AshLee making some unkind remarks about Clare to Zack. This does lead to a lot of drama, but it is neither AshLee or Clare who goes running into the woods. Reality Steve's “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers indicate that it's actually Lacy Faddoul. Steve says, “Editing clarification tonight: the person running through the jungle is Lacy.” He adds, “She's trying 2 get away from the cameras bc she's throwing up.”

There have been “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers via the previews that there is an ambulance called for some reason, and it looks like that finally plays out this week. This is also related to Lacy. It seems she either got dehydrated or had food poisoning or something of that nature, which led her to start throwing up and eventually get taken to the hospital. Ultimately she was fine, but it looks like the show will play it up as much as possible.

Tune in to “Bachelor in Paradise” both Monday and Tuesday nights this week to see all of the drama. Three guys show up in Monday's episode and two will leave, then two new ladies arrive Tuesday night. The sparks are flying this week and fans can't wait to check it all out.