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'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Episode 3 touts a clingy gal, lightening, pain

AshLee Frazier is moving too fast for Graham Bunn on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo courtesy of Craig Sjodin/ABC, used with permission

Things are really heating up on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Episode 3 airs on Monday night, and fans are anxious to know what's going to go down. There are new “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers out and it looks like this may be the wildest episode yet. On Saturday Entertainment Weekly shared a new sneak peek that fans won't want to miss.

AshLee Frazier claimed Graham Bunn as her man the second “Bachelor in Paradise” started this season, and they will finally share their first date in the Aug. 18 episode. The “Bachelor in Paradise” spoiler sneak peek shows just how far apart these two are in terms of their “relationship.” AshLee is talking to newcomer Danielle Ronco about introducing Graham to her dad and having beautiful babies with him.

At the same time, it seems, Graham is walking along the beach with Michelle Money lamenting the fact he's feeling pretty trapped. This surely sets the stage for the date that AshLee and Graham will have in this episode, and fans will most certainly be cringing. AshLee has a history of coming on hard and strong, and that doesn't exactly seem like Graham's style. Just how awkward will things get on this date?

Both Jackie Parr and Danielle Ronco will be joining the group this week, and it seems Marquel Martin gets to go on dates with both ladies. Zap2It shared a “Bachelor in Paradise” sneak peek showing that lightening strikes on Marquel and Danielle's date, but not quite in the way they would have anticipated. Which lady ultimately gets his rose this week? Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Jackie gets that honor.

There will once again be a couple of early departures in this episode. Chris Bukowski injures his knee, and he says at the rose ceremony he's leaving paradise. He has been connecting with Elise Mosca, and apparently Elise leaves with him. The two stayed together for a brief amount of time after leaving Mexico, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate, but they have since split. Chris does have a rose to give out, though, and he gives it to Michelle Money over Danielle Ronco. That means Danielle and Elise are the two departures in episode 3.

As for the other roses, Marcus naturally gives his to Lacy, and Zack gives his to Clare. Graham does give his rose to AshLee, and Robert gives his to Sarah. Does love flourish in episode 3 airing on Aug. 18? There are definitely sparks flying on “Bachelor in Paradise,” and fans are anxious to see what comes next.

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