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'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Chris Harrison teases chaos of episode 1

Chris Harrison and the stars of 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Chris Harrison and the stars of 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo by Ari Perilstein

Bachelor in Paradise” premieres Monday night on ABC, and folks cannot wait to get started with this new, crazy show. What can viewers expect? Host Chris Harrison has teased a few “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers and it sounds like this one is going to be a lot of fun. Hollywood Life shared the details on Monday.

Harrison says, “You will see a lot of love triangles, drama, romance, love, heartbreak.” Chris gets the door slammed in his face, and it would seem that comes about in Monday's premiere episode. Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that this is related to contestant Michelle Kujawa. Apparently she finds a crew member more enticing than any of the contestants on the show, and it catches up to her quickly. Harrison teased that “It's probably the craziest thing that's happened on the show.”

Chris also teases that this season is sexy, sweet and romantic but also dramatic and explosive. Monday night's premiere starts off with dates for Clare Crawley and Lacy Faddoul, and there is a big meltdown when AshLee Frazier lays claim to Graham Bunn when Clare wanted to take him on a date. By the time the evening is over, two ladies will be gone.

As the show continues this season there will be new people added, crazy dates, love triangles and plenty of drunken fights. Reality Steve's spoilers say that in the premiere episode, Michelle Kujawa and Daniella McBride end up departing. In addition, blossoming romances will develop for Clare and Robert Graham, Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd as well as Graham Bunn and AshLee Frazier, it seems.

Which romances will last and which will falter? It looks like it's going to be a summer filled with crazy fun as these fan favorites and not-so-favorites head to Mexico to look for love. “Bachelor in Paradise” premieres on ABC on Monday, Aug. 4.