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'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers: Ashlee starts to freak Graham out

red roses
red roses
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It is time for another new episode of "Bachelor in Paradise." This will be week three of this new hit show on ABC. On Saturday, Entertainment Weekly shared a preview of the upcoming episode. It looks like Ashlee Frazier is starting to take things too far with Graham Bunn and he is feeling uncomfortable.

Graham honestly wants to date more than one girl and see who is the perfect one for him. Ashlee is not having that at all though. She went into this house with her eyes set on him. This is the guy that she wants to be with and nothing is going to stop her. In the clip, Graham admits that when Clare Crawley asked him out he wanted to go but then he didn't get to because of Ashlee.

Ashlee said that she is 100% sure that they are supposed to be together and she is hoping it will happen soon. Graham is talking to his good friend Michelle Money and he doesn't share the same feelings. He realizes that because of Ashlee nobody else is going to take interest in him and he doesn't like it.

When you watch this clip, it is obvious that Graham and Ashlee don't feel the same way. She is talking to him about meeting his dad, but Graham said they are not there at all yet. They haven't even had a date yet. Ashlee even reveals that she thinks that they would have hot babies together.

Wet Paint posted a report that says that Ashlee and Graham actually dated before the show. This one is hard to believe though because they don't make it look that way at all. When the show started, Graham said he had never met her.

Don't miss the new episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" on Monday night on ABC. This will be the third episode. This show is a very short season with only six episodes.

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