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'Bachelor in Paradise': Premiere recap

Michelle Money, a contestant on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight, Aug. 4, “Bachelor in Paradise” made its debut. Chris Harrison greeted the first group of contestants out on the beach. Clare and Lacy (Juan Pablo’s season), Marcus and Marquel (Andi’s season), Sarah and Daniella (Sean’s season), Graham (DeAnna’s season), and Ben (Desiree’s season) were the first to arrive.

Michelle K., who was thought to be quite strange during Jake’s season, walked up next. Robert, from Desiree’s season, and Dylan, from Andi’s season, also strolled up to join the group. Elise, from Juan Pablo’s season, struggled to make her way down to greet Chris while wearing crazy high heels. Elise immediately felt a connection with Dylan. AshLee, from Sean’s season, was the last one to arrive.

Chris Harrison gathered everyone together to explain how things would work. He told them they would all have the opportunity to go on romantic dates together. If they got a date card, they could choose who to take along on the date. At the end of each week, if they weren’t part of a couple, they had to pack their bags. There were seven girls and six guys, so one woman would definitely go home.

The group made their way to the house they were sharing. Lacy and Robert took off into the water, and Lacy jumped right onto Robert. The other girls were not happy with how aggressive Lacy was. Lacy said she was just determined to not be the first to go home.

Marcus struggled to get over his feelings for Andi, so he wandered around in the ocean at night time. Lacy went right in after him, causing Robert to get jealous. He decided to get to know Lacy better and teased her about being wet all day long. Robert told Lacy he was into her. As Marcus and Clare chatted, Dylan and Elise made their way down to the water and kissed.

The next day, AshLee told Graham she went on the show after she heard he was going to be there. Michelle found a date card inside and read it to the others: Clare had to pick the first guy to go on a date. She went and asked Graham to go on the date with her, and he was excited.

AshLee, on the other hand, was not excited. She headed inside and talk to herself about how upset she was that Graham was going on a date with Clare. Daniella checked on her, and Clare caught her crying. (AshLee lied when Clare asked her about it). Clare ended up crying herself and appeared to be complaining to a friendly raccoon.

Clare went to talk to AshLee, and AshLee told her she liked Graham. Clare said she had no idea and offered for AshLee to go on the date. AshLee refused, so Clare said she would take someone else instead. Clare then told Graham she was taking someone else on the date after AshLee’s reaction and asked Robert to go with her. Robert agreed to go. Graham tried talking to AshLee, and she blew him off and said they could talk the next day.

Clare and Robert went exploring the ruins. After a run-in with some fire ants, the two made their way to the top and took pictures. They made their way back down for a swim.

Lacy spent more time with Marcus and asked how his dating life had been. (He said nonexistent). They wondered when the next date card would arrive, and Daniella read Sarah the date card inside. Sarah asked Marcus to go on the date, and Lacy was disappointed.

Marcus and Sara got into their bathing suits and went to an underground cave. They were both nervous to jump in, but they did anyway. Before they jumped in a second time, Sarah asked for (and received) a kiss.

Clare and Robert returned from their date, and Robert noticed Lacy looked sad. She told him the night had been hard for her because both of the guys she was interested in got dates. It wasn’t long before she was in tears talking about how she wanted to build connections. Robert took Lacy for a walk on the beach, and he told her he and Clare didn’t kiss.

Michelle Money randomly showed up, and the girls got even more nervous about staying through the week. She revealed she was given a date card and asked Graham to go talk to her. They talked briefly about their relationship from their time on “Bachelor Pad” and did a secret handshake of sorts.

The next day, AshLee decided it was time to talk to Graham. She apologized and said she came in with her heart on her sleeve. Graham said he was caught off-guard when she didn’t want to talk to him the day before. Michelle finally decided to ask Marquel on her date, and he agreed to go.

Michelle and Marquel went horseback riding on the beach. They also went swimming in the ocean.

At the house, Lacy received a date card of her own. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do at first, but she ended up inviting Robert to join her. Marcus was disappointed and considered giving his rose to Sarah instead.

Robert and Lacy shared dinner together. While they got to know each other better and went for a swim, Dylan told Marcus if he and Lacy were meant to be together, they would end up together. Robert and Lacy made out in the ocean as a voiceover of Marcus discussing his feelings played.

Chris Harrison greeted the group for the first Rose Ceremony. He told them to talk to each other and figure things out during the Cocktail Party, and everyone mingled. Daniella, Clare, and Sarah were the most nervous. Ben tried to figure out who he might offer a rose to, since he didn’t have romantic feelings for anyone. Sarah talked to Marcus about how she wanted to stay. Marcus said he had feelings for Lacy, but he felt Sarah deserved to be there.

Robert and Lacy agreed they had fun together and wanted to go on more dates. Marcus talked to Dylan and Marquel separately about what he should do with his rose.

Chris interrupted to let everyone know it was time for the Rose Ceremony. He told Marquel to offer his rose first, but Michelle K. interrupted. She said she hadn’t made a connection with anyone and decided to go home, so it was off in the car she went. In the car, she said it would be her time to find love…or maybe she already had. When a crew member asked what that meant, she just smirked.

Marquel then offered his rose to Michelle Money, who accepted. Graham offered his rose to AshLee, and she accepted. Dylan offered his rose to Elise, which she accepted. Marcus changed it up and gave Lacy his rose, causing Robert to give his rose to Clare. Ben said, “This sucks” before offering Sarah his rose, sending Daniella home. Daniella was surprised, since Ben had promised her she would stay.

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